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About Me

Baby Steps Parenting & Sleep Consulting founder

Orian Asor Halvorsen

Certifies Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Parenting Consultant 


Hi, I'm Orian, Alma's mother, a certified baby sleep consultant, a parenting consultant and the founder of Baby Steps.

When I gave birth to my baby, Alma, I wrongly thought that it's possible to teach a baby to sleep through the night only when they are 6 months old. 

It made me make every possible mistake with her sleep, waiting for her to hit 6 months of age.

She used to wake up 7 times per night, breastfed for 40 minutes each time, have been rocked for hours and slept for 20 minutes on good sleeps.

I was very tired, snappy and overwhelmed.

When Alma was "finally" 6 months old, my husband and I, decided to sleep-train her with a certified sleep consultant that reminded us all the reasons of why Alma can and should sleep for 10-12 hours per night. 

We agreed with the philosophy and were very consistent with the plan that we have been given. Within a few days, Alma slept 12 hours at night, she started to eat well and nap well.

From that moment, I felt the need to help other families to bring peace into their house, and have a good night sleep for their physical and mental health.

The sleep training method I developed, combines the expertise of a certified sleep consultant and the heart of a mother.

My Philosophy

I believe that sleep is essential to thrive.


My method teaches babies and children one of the most important life skills: how to fall asleep independently and sleep through the night. This is a skill for life: it’s like learning to walk or learning to ride a bicycle.

My method based on fulfilling the baby’s physical and emotional needs, while putting across three messages:

- Now it's time to sleep
- We are here for you
- We trust you to succeed

The method is aimed at maintaining the baby’s health by preventing interruptions to his/her sleep, thus reducing the risk of various health problems that result from a shortage of sleep or interrupted sleep during infancy and childhood.

This method will provide you with solutions for maintaining the sleep habits that have been learned if the baby is ill, if you have moved to another house, or if you have gone on a family holiday.

By reading those lines, you are doing the first step to a good night sleep!

On consultation, I will listen to your situation and create a personalised plan for you that will be easy to follow with the support you need to achieve success.

I will take into consideration, the age of your baby, their personality, eating habits, current sleep patterns along with your parenting approach and more.

I will ensure your sleep plan is tailored to your family because every child is unique and my goal is to make this as easy process as possible for you and your baby. 

I have been there myself, I know how you feel, and I know how to help you.

A little effort on your side for short term will bring you and your family a huge reward for the long term.

Let's do this together!


Please feel free to contact me for more information or booking a consultation.

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Let's do it together!

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