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Sleep Schedule for a 1 month old

Updated: Jun 20

The first few weeks of caring for your #newborn and yourself are full of love, learning and a rollercoaster of emotions. Let me try to bring some light to all that feeding, diapers, and sleep(less) time.

Newborn sleep schedule

Let's start with some basic terms.

What are wake windows?

A wake window is the amount of time your baby is awake between one nap and the next. Start nap preparations before the end of the wake window to avoid an overtired baby.

What are wake windows for a 1 month old?

At one month, we begin to see wake windows that are in the range of 50-90 minutes.

At 4 weeks, wake windows are going to be closer to 50-70 minutes, and by 8 weeks they might be closer to 60-90 minutes.

Usually, we see that babies have shorter wake windows in the morning and a bit longer wake windows before bedtime.

What about the feedings?

Offer a full feeding, #breastfeeding or #formula , every 2-3 hours.

Practice the routine of breaking up feeding and sleeping, when possible, by feeding at the beginning of a wake window (about 5-10 minutes after baby woke up from nap). That will also help keeping your baby awake during the whole feeding and will promote a better latch.

What is a good nap for a 1 month old baby?

At one month old, it is common for naps to be anywhere from 20 minutes to 120 minutes. Practice at least one nap in bedtime spot (crib/bassinet).

I know short naps can be frustrating, but let's focus on feedings, routines, wake time activities and night time first. Naps will follow.

Can a 1 month old nap too long? Should I wake a baby up?

You’ve probably heard the phrase "never wake a sleeping baby". However, if your newborn is napping for two hours, we do want to wake them and offer a feeding. Prioritizing daytime calories helps babies to get on track with their days and nights, stay on their growth curve, and start working toward a longer stretch of sleep at night.

What is a sample schedule for a 1 month old?

Now, this is just an example. This is not a schedule to follow to the minute. Your baby is a human, not a robot, and needs us to be flexible.

1 month newborn sleep schedule

If you find this schedule overwhelming and very far from your day to day with your newborn, please know, you don’t have to do this alone. My Newborn Sleep foundations consultation will provide you with the tools you need to set your days and nights up for success, read your baby’s cues, work towards those longer stretches of night sleep, and love the newborn stage.

Your baby is already 2 month old? I've got you covered ! My 2 month sleep schedules is coming soon.

Written by Orian Asor Halvorsen, for BABY STEPS PARENTING & SLEEP CONSULTING /

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